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Welcome to the project blog! Here you will find short articles created by members of the project team detailing new research, elements of the technical development process and our participation at conferences and events.

Detail from 'Panorama of the Ruins of the Old Palace of Westminster', 1834, by George Scharf. © Palace of Westminster Collection (WOA 3793)
Monday 23rd June 2014 | Dr Caroline Shenton

Exploring the story behind George Scharf's 'Panorama of the Ruins of the Old Palace of Westminster', a painting of the Westminster ruins in the immediate aftermath of the fire of 1834.

Detail of St Stephen's Upper Chapel buttress, drawing in progress. © James Hillson 2014
Friday 6th June 2014 | Dr James Hillson

Find out more about the ongoing research into the architectural history of St Stephen's Chapel. This information then feeds into the production of accurate digital drawings, which will in turn inform the generation of 3D models.

Tuesday 27th May 2014 | Dr Elizabeth Hallam Smith (Chair)

Find out about the partnership between the St Stephen's Chapel project and the Houses of Parliament, written by Liz Hallam Smith - Director of Information Services and Librarian at the House of Lords and Chair of the project's executive board.

Monday 2nd December 2013 | Dr Elizabeth Biggs

A perspective from Elizabeth Biggs, a PhD student associated with the project whose task involves constructing a history of the college of canons at the chapel of St Stephen’s.