The Medieval Chapel, 1360s

The Medieval Chapel, 1360s

A chapel of St Stephen is first recorded in Westminster Palace during the reign of King John (1199-1216).

It was rebuilt from 1292, on the orders of Edward I (1272-1307), on two storeys. Work progressed slowly. The building was largely complete by 1348, in the reign of his grandson Edward III (1327-1377), but furnishing continued into the 1360s, on a lavish scale. It was then ready for use by St Stephen’s College.

View our visualization of what the upper chapel may have looked like in the 1360s. Two interactive, annotated panoramas explore the east and west ends of the chapel.

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The Chapel's Surroundings - 1360s

The Chapel's Surroundings

Explore the surroundings of St Stephen's Chapel in the 1360s with our annotated 3D model.

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How We Know: Research and Evidence

Find out more about the evidence the project uncovered and the research we undertook to inform our detailed 3D visualizations.

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